Three years after he bought the Volvo car brand for $1.8 billion, Chinese auto pioneer Li Shufu is doubling down on his bet that he can revive the storied Swedish auto maker by turning its focus to China.以18亿美元卖给沃尔沃(Volvo)汽车品牌三年后,中国汽车业先驱李书

本文摘要:Three years after he bought the Volvo car brand for $1.8 billion, Chinese auto pioneer Li Shufu is doubling down on his bet that he can revive the storied Swedish auto maker by turning its focus to China.以18亿美元卖给沃尔沃(Volvo)汽车品牌三年后,中国汽车业先驱李书


Three years after he bought the Volvo car brand for $1.8 billion, Chinese auto pioneer Li Shufu is doubling down on his bet that he can revive the storied Swedish auto maker by turning its focus to China.以18亿美元卖给沃尔沃(Volvo)汽车品牌三年后,中国汽车业先驱李书福遣下重注,他要通过主打中国市场的方式让这个瑞典汽车生产商完全恢复生机。On Wednesday, Volvo Car Corp. showcased its new plant here as part of a plan to make China key to the brands survival. Locally built Volvos should increase in the future to 75% of the brands sales in the country from 15% now, officials said.沃尔沃汽车公司(Volvo Car Corp.)周三在成都展出了其新的工厂,这是让中国沦为该品牌存活关键要素的部分计划。有低管说道,未来中国本土生产的沃尔沃占该品牌在中国内地销量的比例应当能减少到75%,现在这一比例仅有为15%。Volvos new Chinese plant will be able to produce 120,000 cars a year, and it initially would make Volvo S60L sedans. Production would start late this year and the factory will eventually employ around 2,500 employees at full capacity. Mr. Lis Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. bought Volvo from Ford Motor Co. F -3.36% in 2010.沃尔沃的这个新的工厂年产量将超过12万辆,最初将生产S60L轿车,今年底量产,全部投产后最后雇员将在2,500人左右。

2010年,李书福的浙江吉利控股集团(Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co.)从福特汽车公司(Ford Motor Co.)手里卖给了沃尔沃。Still, Volvo is playing catch-up. Audi, the Volkswagen AG VOW.XE -0.34% luxury brand, and BMW AG BMW.XE -1.26% build in China the majority of the vehicles they sell in the country. That frees them from a 25% import duty, lowers shipping costs and allows them to respond more rapidly to shifts in demand.尽管如此,沃尔沃仍在奋起直追。大众汽车(Volkswagen AG)旗下的奢华品牌奥迪(Audi)和宝马汽车公司(BMW AG)在中国市场上销售的大多数汽车都产于中国,这样可减免25%的进口税,减少运输成本,并且可对市场需求变化作出更为很快的反应。Volvo plans to launch six new models in China this year. Volvo President and Chief Executive Hkan Samuelsson promises new Volvos that will be at a level we as a brand have never seen before.沃尔沃计划今年在中国发售六款新车型。

沃尔沃总裁兼首席执行长萨穆埃尔松(Hakan Samuelsson)允诺,沃尔沃新车将推上一个空前的台阶。The company today is targeting 200,000 car sales in China─and 800,000 globally─by 2020. That 2020 goal represents a step back from the ambitious goals a few years ago. He once had talked of selling 200,000 vehicles in China by the middle of this decade.沃尔沃眼下的目标是到2020年构建在华销量20万辆,全球销量80万辆。

比起几年前的雄心壮志,这个2020年的目标或许前进了一步。萨穆埃尔松曾说道,到2015年左右在华销量要超过20万辆。Since then, Volvo has slid backward. World-wide sales fell 6.1% in 2012 to about 422,000 cars and sport utilities from 2011. Volvo is unprofitable, although the company says it prefers to focus on operating income, which was 18 million Swedish kronor ($2.7 million) in 2012.他说道这番话之后,沃尔沃之后开始走下坡路。2012年,沃尔沃全球销量同比上升6.1%,卖出了约42.2万辆轿车和运动型多功能(SUV)车。


虽然沃尔沃说道更加不愿侧重运营利润,但该公司现在并不盈利。2012年,沃尔沃的运营利润为1,800万瑞典克朗(合270万美元)。Volvo has been hurt by poor sales in recession-battered Europe, a key market accounting for more than half of global sales. The brand also has lost ground in the U.S., where sales are recovering. Volvos U.S. sales are down nearly 6% to 25,900 vehicles through May 31 this year, far behind luxury car leaders Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Lexus.在遭到衰落重创的欧洲,不振的销售给沃尔沃带给了冲击。


今年年初至5月31日,沃尔沃在美国的销量上升了近6%,至2.59万辆,近领先于豪车领导者梅赛德斯-飞驰(Mercedes-Benz)、宝马和雷克萨斯(Lexus)。Volvo has been slow to launch smaller, more fuel-efficient cars and SUVs in the U.S. Mr. Samuelsson says new, more economical engines on tap for the end of this year should help rebuild Volvos U.S. sales to 100,000 cars a year, the level it had before the recession.沃尔沃在美国发售更加小、更加节约能源轿车和SUV的步伐仍然很较慢。


In China, which is on track to be the worlds largest luxury-car market, Volvo sales through the first five months of this year are up by 27% from a year ago to 22,905 vehicles. Still, Volvo ranks No. 5 among luxury brands in the market.中国未来将会沦为全球仅次于的豪华车市场。今年前五个月,沃尔沃在华销量同比下降27%,至22,905辆。不过,沃尔沃在中国豪华车市场中仍位列第五位。

Volvo needs to capture drivers like Allan Song. A 40-year-old general manager at a multinational company in Beijing, Mr. Song likes the Volvo XC60 sport-utility vehicle and the brands reputation for safety. But he drives an Audi A6. Ive heard that Volvo cars are safe, but its just a concept, he said. I dont have any real experience with it. Volvo never reached out to me for a test drive.沃尔沃必须“俘虏”像Allan Song这样的车主。40岁的Allan Song是北京一家跨国公司的总经理,他讨厌沃尔沃XC60 SUV以及该品牌的安全性口碑。但他进的是奥迪A6。他说道:我听闻过沃尔沃汽车很安全性,但这只是一个概念,我没任何实际的体验。

沃尔沃根本没联系过我试驾。Michael Xu, general manager of a Volvo dealership in Chengdu, said the brand needs more models for customers to choose from, especially high-level models priced greater than one million yuan.沃尔沃成都一家经销商的总经理Michael Xu说道,该品牌必须获取更好的车型可供客户自由选择,尤其是定价在人民币100万元以上的高档车型。These type of models would help build Volvos brand image, he said. The most expensive Volvo available for sale at his dealership is 700,000 yuan ($113,000). In the five months to May his dealership sold 400 Volvos, up 63% from the same period a year earlier.他说道,这类车型将可协助打造出沃尔沃的品牌形象。他们店里销售的三高的沃尔沃汽车价格在人民币700,000元(合113,000美元)。


在截至今年5月的五个月中,他们店销售了400辆沃尔沃汽车,较去年同比增加63%。Moving up the sales rankings will require cash for new models. Mr. Li indicated he may borrow some of the capital he needs.若想在销量排行榜上提高名次,则必须投放资金研发新的车型。李书福似乎说道,他有可能筹借所需的部分资金。

He didnt specify details. Volvo executives say there has been a lot of interest in participating in financing of the company as long as the company can show it is on track to achieve its goals.他没透漏详细情况。沃尔沃高管们说道,只要该公司需要表明未来将会实现目标,很多人回应有兴趣参予该公司的融资。Mr. Samuelsson said Volvo spends about seven billion Swedish kronor annually on development costs. The former CEO of truck maker MAN SE MAN.XE -0.33% took over as Volvo CEO last fall after its board sacked then CEO Stefan Jacoby after Volvo reported a first-half loss.萨穆埃尔松说道,沃尔沃每年耗资大约70亿瑞典克朗用作研发。

他曾任卡车生产商MAN SE的首席执行长,去年秋季兼任沃尔沃首席执行长。之前沃尔沃发布2012年上半年亏损后,董事会中止了当时的首席执行长雅各比(Stefan Jacoby)的职务。Volvo has secured three key financing deals recently, including a 922 million ($1.21 billion) refinancing deal with the China Development Bank and a 1 billion kronor credit facility with the Swedish Export Credit Corp. RJI +0.12% and additional financing from a group of banks.沃尔沃最近定案了三笔最重要的融资交易,还包括一笔与中国国家开发银行(China Development Bank)规模9.22亿欧元(合12.1亿美元)的再融资交易,一笔与瑞典出口信贷公司(Swedish Export Credit Corp.)规模10亿瑞典克朗的信贷决定,以及多家银行获取的更好融资。

Volvo Car is at a stage where we need to pay attention to profitability, but at same time we need to invest, Mr. Li said. We need to cooperate with financial institutions so we can go into the future.李书福说道,沃尔沃汽车正处于一个必须注目利润的阶段,但同时必须展开投资。我们必须与金融机构合作,以便需要南北未来。



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